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More info about the hack Hack

If you’ve stumbled upon our site, it probably means that you’re getting somewhat tired of playing like every other average Joe out there. Or, you just watched House of Cards and you’re power hungry, either way… We’re proud to introduce the first and only working tool that lets you hack the viral browser game Decide what you’d want to twist and improve in your gaming experience, select the options, and start the hack! The features of this cheating tool are all listed below and we believe it’s pretty straight forward, so stop reading and start dominating the game! Hack Features

This high-powered hack will allow any player get to the top of the leaderboard and that’s a guarantee. Even though there are many people that think that playing with hack is an abuse of browser and mobile games, I think there is nothing wrong with it. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for coins or experience and forget all about the game in the next few days? So, if you are one of the people that want to win and have fun more than being fair you have definitely come to the right place.

Coins Hack

Ever since coins were introduced in Agario and they monetized their browser game, it hasn’t been the same. Now you can get twice as big and even triple your initial size, all with coins. Coins can also buy you incredible skins such as the most expensive one in the game, the spy skin. The spy skin has a light grey stroke, just like the lines in the game and a transparent fill which means that other players will have a hard time noticing you. This mask is not invisibility but it is close. Of course, when you start the game and see the spy skin, you will immediately get to work and try to get it as soon as possible. The hard truth is that without paying money to get coins, there is no way you will earn 10k points for the skin, not counting the coins that you will spend along the way to test stuff out etc.

With our hack, you can get as many coins as you want. You can use the Agario coins hack however and whenever you want. You don’t need any money to be at the top. Just choose the amount you want and click submit. In a few minutes you will have the coins in your account, it’s that easy. Many people ask if you can get banned from if you use the Agario coins hack and the answer is no. At least for now, we haven’t had any problems, but many scripts and bots have been patched by so I wouldn’t go all in at first. They might patch it up sometime in the future and track large loads of coins in one transaction. My suggestion to you is to generate as many coins as you need with the Agario hack and go for another round after you spend them. This way, has no way of knowing if you are using the hack (Agario coins hack in particular) or not. I’m sure they won’t bother cross-referencing the bank transactions with accounts since that’s too much work and it’s nearly impossible to be done.

Experience (XP) Hack

The more you play, the more experience you get. It is just like in all the other games. With gaining more experience you earn levels and thus getting more coins and unlock skins. Just like in all the other games, in levels are very important. The more you play the better you get and the game is more fun. With the hack you can get A LOT of experience in a very short time. The Agario xp hack will give you as much experience as you want. Just select your option from the dropdown box, click submit and enjoy your experience boost and levels in the next 24 hours. With this feature, there is absolutely no way of a ban since the developers have no way of knowing how much experience you gain in how much time. Just go ahead and select x50 and see what happens.

Speed Boost

Speed and mass are everything in Our Agario speed hack can give you this. We all know that. However, one is more important than the other and that is speed. This is because even if you have a lot of mass, you won’t have speed and it will be very hard for you to catch anybody while slowly losing mass. If you have speed, you can easily get away from any situation and even if you are very small, if you have at least double the other players’ speed, they won’t stand a chance. You will just eat a lot of food and in a short time, you will be on the top. Believe me when I say that the speed boost can be a bad thing. For example, choosing x2 and x5 on the Agario speed hack is completely fine. You will be able to beat anyone not playing with any hack easily. No problem. However, if you choose to go with x10 or even x50, you will have no chance in controlling your cell as you should. It will be so fast that you will just bump into everything and everyone. It’s fun but not effective. You can try it out and have a laugh, but I advise against playing with it all the time. Besides, if any developer notices or maybe if a player rats you out to the developers, you will certainly face a ban. Whereas, playing with x2 or x5 will just crush your opponents and attract no attention to yourself. Just select you option from the dropdown box on the Agario speed hack and enjoy your free speed boost on for 24 hours… before activating it again, of course.

Mass Boost

As I previously said, speed and mass are everything in and even though speed might be more important, mass is what gets you on top of the leaderboard and produces the best screenshot that you will ever brag with. Our Agario mass hack will give you just that in just a few minutes. Mass can be gained by eating food and other players. Mass can be gained very fast, but lost in just a second and if you make just a small mistake or a move in the wrong direction, you will lose very easily. You should also be very careful because you are not invincible. Even if you are first on the leaderboard, it doesn’t mean that nobody can eat you. If you wait too long before eating someone you might lose a lot of mass very quickly. Just remember that you are losing mass constantly, especially when you get bigger. If you – after all – manage to get to the first place on the leaderboard, you will lose mass like crazy (For those that play without that Agario mass hack). Also, you must be careful when splitting, because that’s how you lose. A smaller player that’s not split might just come and eat one half and split to eat what’s left of you and just like that, you will lose all your hard earned mass in one second. When you lose, everything is ruined. You don’t want to play anymore and that’s totally understandable. You can play for half an hour, thinking of all kinds of strategies and tricks and when you finally get to the leaderboard, you will lose focus for one minute and that’s it. Someone bigger than you will come and eat you before you even see them coming. But, there is no starting over anymore. You are still there even if you lose. With the hack, you can get big with no playing. Our Agario mass hack will get you to the leaderboard in no time. Just select your option, submit it and play all day, not caring if you are going to lose and start all over again. You are already halfway there, or all the way, depends on what you select from the dropdown box.


One of the best features of the hack and my personal favorite is invisibility. There is nothing more fun than running around with nobody seeing you. Invisibility is not only the strongest of all features, it’s the most fun, because even losing will crack you up. First, you can just get a bit bigger than with what you actually start with and run into someone just little bit bigger than you. This way, they won’t see you, but when you give them all your mass, they will be confused and won’t know which way to go. That’s always funny. Also, if you combine the speed hack and the invisibility, you will make a stupid mistake sometimes and let someone eat you which is also very funny. Jokes aside, the Invisibility boost is definitely the most powerful feature of the Agario hack and basically the whole point. Everything started from there. When you first activate the hack, you must try it out. You will never go back to playing with a regular, colorful cell. I guarantee it.

God Mode

In God ode, you don’t have to worry about anything, you are practically a god, but there’s a catch. Not everyone can use it, because you have to be an expert to be able to command it properly. The God Mode adds a distinct window that has all kinds of controls. It basically is everything from this hack in one. Even though it may seem easy but when you are in the middle of the game it is not easy, believe me. I know it just looks like just choosing options and clicking buttons, you have to do it very fast and be careful to not die. Even if you are a beginner, I recommend you try it out and see for yourself. Then, turn it off and get some experience before you turn it on again. But, when you do, you will never lose, believe me when I say, you will lose when you are absolutely sick and tired of playing and just want to lose. You just have to experience it and see for yourself. It’s very hard to explain 😀

Zoom Out Hack

The Zoom Out feature is not the best, but can be very helpful when you are still very small and have a hard time predicting where enemies will come from. When combined with the speed boost feature, this can be a very powerful tool. Just zoom out and it will seem like everything is slower and you will have much more time to divert your course and avoid danger or attack someone. The Zoom Out feature will give you the ability to avoid someone before they even know you are near them. If you see a bigger cell in the vicinity, swerve to another direction and they won’t even chase you because they never saw you. As I previously said, the speed boost can become a slight problem when you activate the x10 or x50 speed boost, but with the zoom out feature you will always be aware of your surroundings, so you will have more time to choose where to go and avoid someone if they are bigger. To put it in a nutshell, this feature together with the speed boost are the most powerful tool in the game.

Custom skin image selection

Instead of buying the overpriced skins on, now you can choose whichever image you want from your desktop and go with it. Don’t worry if you upload a picture that’s too large or too small. scales it to fit your cell. You can get as creative as you like, just don’t put inappropriate content or you will get a ban so fast, you won’t even get to try out all the features of the hack. So just get any image in there and let the other players be a little jealous.

When the game started out, there were a few skins that players can use, but now there are hundreds even an Agario spy skin that is transparent and is much harder to spot. With’s upgrade, they added accounts and a shop. This means that the more you play, the bigger and better you are. This is certainly a lot better than playing as a guest all the time, starting from the same place everyone starts and having the same chances at winning. As we all know, you can get big in a very short time, but that can go away in a few seconds. We have all been there and it’s very frustrating. Watching 25 minutes of strategic gaming go to hell in a few seconds can get you mad. That is why the accounts, experience, levels and coins make the game much more interesting. If you lose, you don’t have to be mad, you can just start a new game and not start from 0, because if you play all the time, you will certainly have some benefits and be better than the newbies or guests. However, longer playing time, doesn’t necessarily mean experience. That is the reason why I strongly recommend you to read some tips and strategies which can be found on our tips page.

Play more and earn more! By playing, you gain experience and earn new levels and rewards. Or better still, let the hack play for you and you can just relax, let the Agario hack get you a few levels and rewards and then you can take over. The Agario hack will play day and night, 24/7 and eventually get you the highest level (50). In, that is a big deal. If you’re level 50, nothing stands in your way. Even if you have just started a new game, you will be bigger than most and have better chances at getting to the top of the leaderboard. When we made this hack, it was only for the satisfaction of watching it play for you, but now, the developers have given it a new purpose. In just 2 days, our hack will make your account look like you have been playing for months. The fact that it never loses, added up to the fact that it can play 24/7, equals very fast experience gain and coin mine.

Modes (Update)

As you already know, a while ago the developers added two new modes and one of them, we have been waiting since day one of the game launch. In the Agario Party mode, you can create a separate room just for you and your friends. This way, you don’t have to brag by sending screenshots to your friends playing with noobs and you can show them who the boss really is.

The other newly introduced mode is the Agario Experimental mode. In this mode, the developers of are testing out new features. Playing in this mode can be fun and sometimes weird. Here you will see weird looking cells, unusual mechanics and different rules. If you are an veteran, you should visit this mode and spice this up a bit. Playing the regular game can get boring, so this is a nice way to have some fun while not bothering with scores, beating cells and just have fun. The Agario hack works on either of these modes.

The Hack works on mobile too!

The hack is now available on various platforms. The game first started out as a browser game and in just few months, it gained so much attention and audience that they quickly made an application for Apple’s iOS and Android. Now, more than half of the players on are using their smartphones to play the game and outnumber the PC browser players by a lot. That is why, we decided to start 2016 by creating an Hack that will run not only on a simple browser, but on mobile too. With this, the users on Android and iOS can use our Hack and get to the top of the leaderboard too.

Our hack also works for mobile users, on both Android and iOS devices.

Browser games didn’t have that much success in the past as they were always squashed by the big gaming franchises like EA Games. Now, in a time when not many big games are released, this little game is breaking records of popularity on the Internet. With the recently released iOS and Android versions, is more popular than ever. Even the hit TV Show on Netflix House of Cards featured it in one of the episodes introducing it as a new fun games that keeps people addicted to it. If seeing Kevin Spacey endorsing the game on TV – similarly to what Liam Neeson did for Supercell’s Clash of Clans – didn’t make you play it, I know what will, the game itself. Even though when Frank Underwood and Will Conway talked about it seemed like it was a high-budget commercial made to attract players and thus generate profit, everything they said was true. It really is addictive and it really is much more fun than it looks. They also said that it’s for children, but because of its neutrality in terms of characters, gameplay and graphics, I think that it’s pretty universal and can be played by literally anyone.

What is

In case you haven’t heard about or the Agario hack, you probably will very soon. It is an online multiplayer game that is being played by more than 100,000 people simultaneously. You start off with a small circle and eat smaller static circles and other smaller players. However, the bigger players can eat you. The goal in the game is to get as big as you can and eat as many players as you can. Once you get big enough you will get addicted. You have an option to split your circle in two and throw one half at the other players with larger speed, in order to gain more mass. You can merge the circles after some time. And despite what people are saying, you can’t make it merge any faster because no matter how much you try to squeeze the circles together, they will begin the merging after around 1 minute. So, don’t be fooled and stay away from the big circles because when you are split, you are vulnerable and many players can just come near you, split and eat you. This game requires the players to have just any kind of computer, a mouse and an internet connection. With the newest updates and the mobile version, the game is playable from almost any device from literally anywhere around the world. At first, when the game came out, the servers were slow, sloppy and couldn’t take on the sudden big load of players but not now. Ever since became the most popular browser game and mobile application for iOS and Android on the market, the developers equipped the game with many, high-powered servers that can take on any number of players. There is no more lag or not playing because the server is overloaded. Just turn on your device and you’re good to go. You can play with thousands of players from all around the world in seconds. It is very fun and addictive. Yes, it is a little hard on the start, but when you get the hang of it and get some mass, you will have a lot of fun crushing everyone in front of you. Sure, by now there are a lot of players that play the game for months and are practically pros, but that’s not a reason to give up. When I first started to play, I couldn’t even make it to 2 minutes without dying. Which was one of the reasons I created the hack, but that’s beside the point. I played and I played and eventually, I became a lot better. In just a day, I came to be in the top 10 leaderboard in my room and in just a few days, I made it into the top 3.

You have the option to play in a Free For All mode, where you play against everyone, or you can play in teams. When you play against everyone, it’s a lot harder (unless you play with the hack, of course). Since you start as a small, miserable cell just wandering around looking for small circles to eat like a stray dog, there can be a lot of big players that could come from nowhere, split and you’ll be dead before you even start playing. If you have some experience, it will be easier with all the tips and trick you might have heard by now, but basically, you are left there to die. When you play in the teams mode, you are spawned in a random team and play against the other two teams. This mode is good because when you are very small, the other team members that are bigger than you, can protect you until you get some mass. Just look for any player from your team that’s bigger for you and go beside him, if someone bigger from the other team comes run like hell, but if they don’t take as many small circles as you can and when you are big enough go and crush them. That’s one of the best things when playing in the teams mode, but not my favorite. My favorite thing when playing in teams is that you become like family with the other players from your team if you play long enough. Many people give up very easily if they are spawned in the weakest team, but not me. I even like being spawned in the outsider team and I won’t stop playing until I see my team on the top. But of course, there is one thing better than this. Seeing your team on top and playing with the Agario hack is a special experience. The hack will singlehandedly get your team on top and that will be just with your mass after 15 minutes of playing

Even more info about Agario and the hack

As I’m sure you are already aware, there’s a new video game which has amazed gamers all over the world and has received all possible awards for the greatest Internet browser game of 2015, among some very competitive games (which is maybe the main reason we decided to launch our hack). The fairly new has dispersed itself through several gaming systems together with its eight months of existence it has progressed enormously ever since the original release. as well as the hack has become spread throughout the Android and iOS operating systems and Facebook, despite getting initially launched as a Internet browser game. and the Agario hack have been enjoyed by millions of people all over the world up to today. As the gaming market keeps developing and technology in general has evolved considerably throughout the last several years, players grew to become more and more difficult, seeking lengthier, better and more compelling games from the industry. Gamers are more demanding given that the gaming market evolves and also the possibility for creating higher budget and well created video games rises each day.

However, the crew has showed clearly that a game doesn’t require a huge budget and be super sophisticated in order to achieve success. It wasn’t long until went viral (mostly thanks to social media and image sharing sites), surpassing a few online gaming leaders. You may have heard that is super simple and doesn’t call for a lot of pondering, but that is not true at all. Skill is definitely the very first thing you should think of while enjoying and the Hack. It’s certainly a matter of chance certain players continue to get on the Leaderboard every time they play. Lots of players try eating larger and far more advanced players, and often end up losing, which is the reason it is wise to know of the best time to step back. Keep your eyes wide open when chasing someone, because they might get bigger than you in the meantime, also watch out for other players who use the hack. Although once you begin playing, it appears as if it’s completely impossible to win, it’s actually super easy to get larger (not talking about playing with the hack). You should not throw in the towel and as an alternative, consider concentrating much better, be patient and run from whatever moves till you have become enormous. As you participate in groups, you will notice that small participants usually are near even bigger people and of course if you chase after a little player, it is likely that an enormous player is actually close.

And that’s what you may want to do, go exactly where the large masses are and you’ll always be safe. And exactly in the time when you succeed in the team section and have used to playing the game, you’ll be able to proceed and earn a place on the Leaderboard all by yourself. There exist many scripts just for, very similar to the hack and so you should never stop trying at this time. When you start playing the video game, you’ll see that lots of competitors make use of the hack as well as others so it really is not your fault any time you get defeated. The hack tool is a highly effective JS script which will hardly be defeated and you need to stay away from these type of gamers. If you happen to be committed, but still can’t reach the Leaderboard, you may want to download our hack tool and start feeding your cell! Bots really are a useful and enjoyable means of online gaming, despite the fact that quite a bit of individuals definitely will disagree. Video games are all about fun and getting nervous and upset because of one person is not the best alternative. Rather than getting furious and outraged and stop playing the video game, get a bot and sit back and watch the professionals get crushed for a while. Given that this game is close to twelve months old, there are numerous skilled gamers who play every day (some with the Agario hack), but that doesn’t mean you should allow that to put you down and quit the game altogether. Every time you get defeated, learn to really never ever make that mistake all over again and ultimately, you can end up being the de-motivation for newcomers. And even if you can’t seem to succeed, always remember that the hack is free and always there as a last resort.