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As seen on House of Cards

In the last few months and nearly a year, the browser game became so popular, millions of people play it every day, on various platforms from many countries around the world. As I am sure, millions of people became familiar with the game shortly after it went live and have played it ever since. However, after the game was mentioned on the Netflix hit TV show House of Cards, the player number of went sky high (The House of Cards Skin was made afterwards). And with this, the developers not only attracted new players, but it was so fun watching Frank Underwood and Will Conway play this amazing browser game made even players that already knew about the game play it even more. Personally, I was wowed when I heard’s name pop up from out of nowhere and I know other players were. We have all heard of and seen many successful and innovative television commercials throughout the years, like Liam Neeson’s leading role in the Clash of Clans commercial, we all have to admit that this was maybe the best promotional tool money can buy. If Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) endorsing a game on one of the most watched TV shows in the history of television doesn’t make you download the app right away, I don’t know what will.

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood is an avid gamer (as avid as a president of the United States can be of course) and in each season so far, we have seen him playing a game either on his PlayStation, his tablet, PC or his phone. House of Cards’ game enthusiasm certainly brought’s best commercial of all time. Strangely and against many people’s beliefs, didn’t ask for the endorsement and didn’t order the commercial. In fact, it was the other way around. In time of the production of season 4 of House of Cards, the production team sent a letter to the developers that they have been familiarized with their game for a while and would like to use it on their show. Of course, the Agario team was delighted and removing the Barrack Obama skin in order to avoid any absurd cameo, they made it happen. Now, Frank Underwood didn’t ask for any hacks and stuff, but I’m sure that if he played it a little bit longer, he would be hooked on our Hack too (Just kidding). is one of the best browser and mobile games and it certainly deserved the endorsement. Starting off with a few PewDiePie video endorsements and other gameplay videos on Youtube, went to other high-budget advertisement campaigns that spread the word on the greatness of this game so much that it quickly reached more than 80 million downloads on mobile platforms, 60 million overall monthly players, several most downloaded game awards for 2015, a few best browser and best mobile game awards and on top of that all, it reached to be #1 on the AppStore in more than 35 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden. House of Cards Skin house of cards skin

After was featured in the House of Cards episode in season 4, created a free House of Cards Skin with Frank Underwood’s face and the American flag in the background (as seen below). This was just a courtesy skin from the developer team of Miniclip’s to the producers and fans of House of Cards. It is still unknown how the settlement for the game feature on the show went, all we know it was beneficial for both parties. House of Cards stayed modern and up to date by featuring a relatively new and exciting game that might relate to the younger audience and got the best television commercial of all time. Considering that the House of Cards production team contacted Miniclip and not the other way around, we have a reason to believe that either House of Cards paid or it was a free exchange without any payment done. The only thing that’s puzzling about this is the fact that and Miniclip got a way better deal and benefited much, much more than House of Cards and Netflix. Also, if you want to play with the House of Cards Skin, you just need to go to the game, shop and get the skin from there. Enjoy!

Underwood and Conway playing