Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get banned from if I use the hack?

Short answer, no. If you choose to use the hack, you will be completely safe, but you can’t be too safe. Even though we haven’t been banned in our numerous experiments so far (neither our account, nor our IP address), you have to understand that the team of developers work on sanitize the game and make sure the players are as fair as possible. Because of this, we recommend everyone who uses our hack to not go all in at once. It’s much better to add a moderate amount of coins and experience to your account and add some more when you need them again. This is because if anyone from, decides to check your 300k coin deployment, they could easily see that the coins were added without prior participation in the game or a bank transaction. If they decide to start checking players individually, you might not just get your account banned but your IP address too. That way, you won’t be able to play without any VPN, proxy or other fancy IP address masking software or method.

I submitted my form and everything is fine, but the hack never added the coins. What should I do?

This may happen to anyone. The hack is usually very fast and successful, but there are cases when everything will be as it should, but the coins won’t load on your account. In this case, you will have to log out and log in again. For browser accounts, you can just delete the cache, cookies and history and for mobile accounts, you can just remove the game from the background working apps or the multitasking window and start it once again.

I submitted the form, but nothing happened. What should I do?

In this case, it is possible that the hack has ran into some problems, couldn’t identify your account or there was some kind of conflict. Because of this, you can try instead of putting in your Nickname in the hack form, you can try putting in your user_id. With the user ID, there should be no conflicts and the hack should work perfectly. If you continue to have problems, use the contact form on our website to contact us and we will assist you in using the hack.

Where can I find my user_id?

The user ID can be found on the game’s opening screen under the “gear” button or probably settings button. Under all the features that lets you tick, you will see your user_id, written in very small letters. Just copy that into the hack’s form, select your favorite features of the hack and enjoy.

Does the Hack work on all platforms or just PC browser?

Our hack works for all platforms (PC, Android and iOS). All you need to do is write your nickname exactly as it is, log in to your account from any device and you’re good to go. You will see the hack’s results in just a few minutes.

Does the Hack work in all modes of

Yes. The Agario hack works in all modes of the game and whatever feature you select will be shown on the screen. It is suggested for the hack to be used in the FFA mode or in the Teams mode, but if you want to crush your friends in the Party mode or just have some fun with it in the Experimental mode, that is entirely your choice.

Is there a way to unlock all the skins in the game?

Our hack is still not offering that feature, but it shouldn’t be too hard. You can just add yourself some coins and a lot of experience. When you have done that, just play for a little bit and the huge experience boost will earn you so many levels in just one game, that you will be able to purchase any skin you like in just under 20 minutes.

Does the Agario hack work in all county rooms?

Yes, the agario hack will work in every room of the game, even if you play in North America and use the hack, but then change your mind and go play in Europe, the hack will remain intact.